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                         do you want to know what a fitness cruise is?

Is a special experience, a journey full of emotions and action, definitely a unique and exclusive cruise.

You will enjoy different activities with friends or family, from dancing lessons to feeling like a rockstar singing on our karaoke with the most trendy songs. 

At night, enjoy our event parties and win wonderful prizes 

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Marketing graduate by the Uruguay University, he has over 6 years of experience as Zumba Instructor and choreographer.

He has worked in proyects along with DKISS, ONO, TeleMadrid, Telecinco or the Boadilla del Monte City Hall.

He has also been the image of Holi Run.

His goal in this cruises will be to make the passenger dance, jump, laugh and have so much fun!



His passion is dancing and he carries salsa and bachata as his identity sign.

Zumba as a lifestyle although he is a telecommunications technician, he got his Zumba Fitness degree in 2015.

His goal? For the passangers to enjoy the experience and keep in shape during their vacations 



Salsa and zumba lover, Jose Manuel is a Madrid native and has a degree in Audiovisual Communication

Although he liked this road he first took, he decided to turn his life around and in 2007 he started dancing Cuban salsa, bachata… he hasn’t stopped ever since!

In Germany he got his Oficial Zumba Fitness Instructor degree and after he came back to Madrid, he got the Zumba Kids specialty.

His goal in this cruises? That the passengers forget all his problems, that they don’t remember they are exercising and they smile and dance non stop




Buenos Aires native, Gabriela graduated as a Primary Education Teacher in 2003, but his passion has always been dancing. In her school classes, she tried to mix both topics.

It wasn’t until 2016 when she arrived to Madrid, that she learned salsa and bachata from our other Assistant Guide: José Moruno.

At this day, Gabriela has the Fitness Instructor Degree and the Zumba Gold Degree.

Her goal in this cruises? That the passengers have a great time, scream, move and get rid of stress.


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